Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eugene Robinson, Fool

It is well established that Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post is a typical MSM columnist, a highly credentialed and articulate fool. To wit, he asks:

"Why Does Mitt Romney Want to be President?"

Where to begin? Number one, because $1 trillion plus deficits as far as the eye can see is the recipe for certain financial collapse. Number two, several noteworthy unconstitutional assaults on Americans' freedoms have been enacted into law, one in particular comes to mind, and need to be rolled back if America is to retain a level of freedom that is its tradition, proper state, and the fervent desire of its populace. Number three, the American economy is gummed up by countless Lilliputian snares and ligatures, impeding the long march of ever higher standards of living achieved through robust free enterprise. Number four, feckless American foreign policy has emboldened bad actors and regimes antithetical to peace and stability making the world more dangerous by orders of magnitude; and, the same has sewed doubt among our friends who would be reformers and supporters for democracy, human rights and free enterprise.

That's the big stuff. Numbers five through two hundred and twenty-seven include things like having a First Lady that won't nanny us about how we feed our kids or having advisers that don't admire Mao Tse-tung or not having the FCC take over the Internet or not wanting to gut the military or actually respecting religious freedom, etc. Or how about having a President that won't be gaffetastic and refer to Georgia as Russia? And a million other reasons.

Did Mean Gene ever think that that's why Mitt Romney wants to be President?


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