Friday, August 05, 2011

Peggy Joseph Meet James Crudup

The difference between fantasy and reality is vast, but unfortunately they both vote. Millions were awakened to the shockingly fantastical notions of many Obama supporters via that famous video of Peggy Joseph who was convinced that Obama would pay her mortgage and put gas in her tank. Fast forward almost three years and we have James Crudup jumping the White House fence in a cry for help because he can't find a job.

How did we get from Peggy Joseph to James Crudup? Quite easily in fact. The productive people of this country saw that the Peggy Josephs were a vast constituency of freeloaders chomping at the bit to elect the apotheosis of all welfare state leaders, the sine qua non of doling out Other People's Money. They saw that these were not the usual brand of down-trodden worthy of some some compassionate aid, but that these were raw, unabashed freeloaders. They saw this and they shut the system down. They hoarded cash, sent capital abroad, sheltered money from taxation, and retrenched. They went Galt. They also got angry, and threw a small spanner in the works of the emerging Great OPM Dispensary. An army of Peggy Josephs lined up in formation behind their new great General and they sparked a guerrilla resistance movement, at least until a proper opposing army could be mustered. The war has not quite raged, but it has certainly gotten warm, and already we have victims such as James Crudup. Peggy's fantasy is James's reality.

My advice to you Mr. Crudup is not to jump fences, but to talk to the Peggy Josephs in your community, get out there and educate these people. Talk them down from the fight for OPM, it's no way to live and it is damaging to themselves and us all. Tell them their fantasies turn into your reality.

BTW, why hasn't some enterprising journalist tracked Peggy Joseph down to see how she's doing, ask her about her mortgage and who buys her gas? Would be interesting, IMHO.


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