Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Musing...

There is a strain of eco-zealot that purports to be doing their part to save the planet by either not having children or limiting their reproduction to one child.  These nutjobs are misguided, but worse they are arrogantly condescending, having all sorts of opproprium for those like me, who they disparage as "breeders".

I have neither the time or inclination to troll the back-alleyways of the social media universe, but I imagine that heads are exploding in this community over China's abandonment of the one-child policy. 

The planet just got a couple billion more "breeders", swamping your silly, meaningless self-imposed childlessness.  Suck it, eco-nuts.  Enjoy your childless lives and growing old without the love and attention of the children and grandchildren you never had.


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