Friday, September 04, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal Fits Perfectly with the Modern Lefty's Conception of Peace

So much ink has been employed (not spilled, as in wasted) in talking about Obama's Iran deal - from it's baffling underlying theories to the long string of concession after concession on the US's part to the still overwhelming lack of support for the deal.

So I won't go into much analysis, accept to say that the deal fits nicely into my paradigm for analyzing foreign policy coming out of the political left.  The modern left equates the lack of shooting with peace.  No shots being fired, the world is at peace.  Tensions can be simmering just below boil and raging animosities can have built up that will exploded in time, but we can still be at peace in the mind of a lefty so long as we claim we are and nobody is shooting. 

This is Obama's view.  He's saying "Hey, this deal means that there won't be a shooting war for 10 years or more, I just engineered 10 years of peace."

I don't know how he knows that, but leave that aside.  He'll be long gone when Iran does get the bomb, and when that happens the shooting will start for sure.  Maybe even sooner, because those tensions are boiling all over the Middle East.  Meanwhile we will live in Obama's Lefty Fantasyland of Potemkin Peace.


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