Friday, September 04, 2015

It's Not Europe's Fault That Syria Is a Mess

The NY Times is taking it upon itself to decide what is a "fair" distribution of migrants throughout Europe (because in Timesworld, the fact that Syria is a farging mess is our fault).



I still don't understand why it is incumbent on European countries to take these people.  Why not other Muslim countries?  Why not Saudi Arabia, whose king needs, like, 300 Mercedes-Benzes for his entourage when he visits the US?  Why not Egypt?  Why not Iran?  Why not Jordan?

These people have tolerated tyranny and abuse for so long, they have not shown an ounce of dignity in demanding better of their rulers, but now they demand dignity from Germans, Hungarians, Brits and the like?

How about fighting for yourselves in the land where you live?  With what?  Guns.  Don't pay human traffickers to haul your ass to Germany, pool your money and buy some guns, and fight.

This is from today's WSJ:
As a Syrian who was forced to flee this horror. ...  We need a place where we are safe from the barrel bombs and chemical attacks of the Assad regime or the terror attacks of ISIS. We need to get more people resettled in the U.S.
This is wrong, they need to stand and fight.  They need guns and they need to make it difficult and painful for Assad's goons to haul them away to the torture chambers.  Elitists in the West are always going on about the horribleness of the Second Amendment, but Syria needs a Second Amendment, these people, more than anything, need the means to stand up to the regime and the murderous ISIS fanatics who would drive them from their country.  Instead they flee to Europe and ask Europeans to solve their problems.


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