Thursday, October 22, 2015

Less Policing Coming to a Town Near You

Excessive ticketing + Racial tension (i.e. Ferguson, MO) = New state law (with similar one pending in Congress) = Shrinking police forces = ??
The aftermath of racial turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri, is exacting a toll on St. Louis-area communities that built their finances around speeding tickets, thanks to a state law limiting the income they can draw from traffic fines.
The city council of Charlack last week decided the community of 1,400 can’t afford an eight-officer police force under the new law, which says traffic citations in St. Louis County municipalities can’t exceed 12.5 percent of annual operating revenue, down from 30 percent. Policing in Charlack and in nearby Wellston, which dissolved its 23-officer force in May, is now handled by a recently created cooperative of local departments.
As the good Professor would say, "Buy a gun."


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