Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finally We Know: Obama Scoffs At the Very Essence of America

Well, we've been waiting six years for "Obama unleashed", the outpouring of the raw essence of the man that we elected twice that has heretofore eluded us because he was not eager to tell and the media was either not eager to discover or actively colluding to suppress. Now we have it and it is shockingly bad, even for the most jaded anti-Lightworker folks among us.

Read it.  It's bad.  You'll vomit.

Obama doesn't believe in the sovereignty of the United States of America, he certainly doesn't believe in the sovereignty of the people.  Every nation on Earth claims the sovereign right to define and regulate citizenship, but Obama feels that the USA has no such right, that every living person ought to be able to reside in America.  He denies the citizenry of this country, from whence flows its sovereignty since its founding, to define and regulate who can be a citizen or resident of this nation.  Naturally, a corollary to this, given our massive social safety net, is that every person in the world thus has a right to a portion of your income.  If everybody can come here and avail themselves, the people who pay for that social safety have an open-ended financial obligation to the entire world.

This is globe-spanning socialism of the worse kind.  It's not pure economic socialism, it is that but also a socialism that denies the entire value of the America project and its history - all of its institutions of self-government and commitments, big and small, to individual liberty.  It is a socialism of the soul.  It is infused with a moral relativism so severe as to wipe the notion and history of the United States of America off the record of humankind altogether.  It is anti-individual, it denigrates the souls of people earning to be free and to govern themselves accordingly.  It dismisses individuality.  It scoffs at you.


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