Thursday, July 10, 2014

World Cup Or Not, Argentina Is Still a Dedabeat Nation

Argentinians are feeling their oats a little bit after their semi-final win in the World Cup...
In the aftermath of Argentina’s semifinal World Cup win last night, crowds broke into the usual victory chants, praising the homeland and poking fun at the British, their longtime nemesis in the Falkland Islands.
But a less traditional song could also be heard in the streets of Rosario, Argentina’s third-biggest city and the birthplace of team captain Lionel Messi: a profanity-laced taunt of the hedge funds that have battled the government over defaulted debt since 2001.
“Vulture funds,” a group chanted amid celebrations at the city’s National Flag Memorial. “Stop messing around and agree to the swap.”
Even if Argentina wins the World Cup (which they won't), they'll still be a bunch of deadbeats.  Pay your damn debts you deadbeat losers!