Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Lefty Hypocrisy/Logical Fail of the Day

Here is your lefty cognitive dissonance of the day via TTAG.
Gun control advocates talk about “easy access to guns.” They don’t want to deny guns to law-abiding Americans. Just certain types of guns. And ammunition magazines. I mean, just “bad guys.” And mentally ill people. How do you make the distinction? Background checks! If everyone who wanted to purchase a gun had to go through a background check, only the good guys would get the guns. Wrong. But anyway . . .
What document do you suppose Uncle Sam requires for these federal background checks? The same document the courts (via Uncle Sam) are forcing Arizona to make available to illegal immigrants shielded from deportation by Executive Order: a driver’s license.
Hello? A driver’s license in the hands of a non-American citizen allows them to purchase a firearm. Which means the federal push to give so-called dreamers and “undocumented Americans” opens the floodgates for illegal sales/straw purchases. Here’s the AP story . . .
Yup.  More vehicular deaths over gun deaths in America, but let's give anybody who crosses the border a driver's license and subject law-abiding citizens to intrusive background checks in order to deny them their rights. 

I mean if it saves just one life, right?


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