Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lib: Yes, We Lied, But Righties Are Still Wrong, Because They're Mean

Jonathan Chait has discovered why conservatives don't like ObamaCareā€¦and it is refreshingly not the fact that the Lightworker is black.  James Taranto reveals the big revealā€¦
Chait imagines that he's found out his ideological adversaries. His big reveal:
But at least conservatives are now representing their true bedrock position on Obamacare. It is largely a transfer program benefitting people who either don't have enough money, or pose too high a health risk, to bear the cost of their own medical care. Conservatives don't like transfer programs because they require helping the less fortunate with other peoples' money.
Wait, ObamaCare is just a big wealth redistribution scheme!  Who knew?  I didn't, after all, it wasn't proposed as such.  It was a way to improve healthcare, to lower costs, and to fix a "broken" system.  If I had known it was just to take money from some people and give it to others in the form of healthcare services, then I could have pointed to Medicare and Medicaid and said, "Wait, we already have such programs, one for the elderly and one for the poor, why do we need another?"

Which, of course, would have led to uncomfortable debates about Medicare and Medicaid's inferior health outcomes and on top of their cratering fiscal outlooks.  And the Obamacrats weren't out to have that discussion, they were simply out to sell a shiny new thing to a citizenry ready to buy whatever because of that nice seeming (and black) salesman.

Bottom line, we were right in analyzing ObamaCare for what it really was, but wrong for having done so; and, lefties weren't wrong for lying because what they lied for was right, in their view?  Sounds about right.


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