Thursday, April 04, 2013

The Foundational Lie Behind ObamaCare

Be sure to read this post in full and then read the links in full too.  Then cogitate over the fact that we now have an impending fiscal disaster of a healthcare tab, thousands of economically destructive regulations, distortions galore in the healthcare market that drive up the cost of healthcare - to say nothing of the social division this has caused - and for what?  Actually, for what is not the question, we know the answer to that - state control of your life and wealth redistribution.  The better question, is How Did This Come About?

Very simply, a lie.  Or at the very least a mistake so basic and elementary and thus so clueless that...forget it, I'm going with lie.

In fact I, among many, even pointed out the elementary mistake lie way back in 2007.
Of course, I have said this before - the "uninsured" is largely a mythical beast used to drum up ire over our healthcare system. Over 30% of the uninsured make over $50,000 and simply choose not to have insurance. I know that when I was in my late twenties, I passed on paying the $300 or so per month for health insurance in order to have more money in my pocket to frequent NYC's many fine public houses and to appropriately woo the future Mrs. Baseball. Sure enough, the WSJ article notes that a big portion of the uninsured are young people in their twenties and thirties.
Yes, I figured this out and I am not even the awesomest, law lecturer constitutional scholar most brilliant President/Lightworker ever.  With their own money, young people take a pass on healthcare insurance, but offer them free shit and gussy it up in the feel good social justice gibberish that they are suckers for and you have yourself major political momentum for a healthcare takeover overhaul.  But the truth remains, most of the uninsured were uninsured by choice and the system was not broken, creating a class of uninsured heartlessly willy-nilly.  Thus did the elemental lie become ObamaCare, a law from which we'll be digging ourselves out from under its ill-effects for decades.


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