Tuesday, April 02, 2013

ObamaCare. What ObamaCare? Most Pieces of Law Dead or Delayed

Let's get a running inventory of elements of PPACA, or ObamaCare, that have been repealed:
- 1099 reporting provision for all purchases over $600
- CLASS long term care entitlement program

Now let's turn to what is nearly, but not yet, repealed (voted down, but in a non-binding vote):
- Medical Device Tax

Now let's turn to provisions of the law where implementation is definitively going to delayed:
- SHOP exchange for small business

Then there are major elements of implementation that most observers believe will be delayed:
- The absolutely fundamental Healthcare Exchanges

...and the exchanges face legal challenges.

People keep saying "get ready for ObamaCare".  OK, I get it, but get ready for what, exactly?  And that is the problem...


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