Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Joe Klein Shocked That ObamaCare Didn't Magically Mystically Change the Government into Competent, Efficient Juggernaut

Apotheosis of conventional wisdom, Joe Klein sees early ObamaCare incompetence as scary.  I'm scratching my head.


Yes, I'm screaming.  Did the Obamacare law contain a provision of magical mystical suspension of immutable forces?  When we got ObamaCare rammed down out throats the law passed, it was always going to be implemented by the same old federal government with its same old inherent flaws and inefficiency.  This is same government that throughout the decades has shown difficulty in achieving basic tasks and often devolved into operational scandal or farce.  But this wouldn't be small scale stuff, this is nothing short of reordering one-sixth of the US economy.  We didn't have All-Stars sitting on the bench, ready to come in and win the game.  It was always going to be your same old bureaucratic corps.  To expect anything other than what we've gotten to date (delays, overruns, insurmountable problems) reveals a willing suspension of mental capacity or rank stupidity.  ObamaCare's failure was always ever going to be thus.


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