Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ObamaCare IS Working...For Its REAL Purpose

When Democrats say that "ObamaCare is working" they are absolutely correct in that its main (mostly unspoken) function - wealth distribution - is being achieved.

It is not "working" in the sense that most Americans would think because they were lied to about the law's goals and mechanisms.  Those lies include lower healthcare costs and better healthcare outcomes.

But the wealth distribution piece is working well.  Multiple taxes are flowing in from health insurers, medical device manufacturers, wealthy people, etc.  And subsidies are flowing out...the LA Times reports.
Nearly 9 in 10 Americans who bought health coverage on the federal government’s healthcare marketplaces received government assistance to offset their premiums.
The government's healthcare exchanges are thus revealed to be (shocker) a virtual guarantee of a subsidy.  If you go through them, you're getting money.  It's an absolutely well-functioning wealth distribution machine.  Whether it does a damn thing for healthcare is not clear, and beside the point anyway.


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