Friday, June 13, 2014

What the Hell Is John Kerry Talking About?

While jihadis blaze a trail of barbarism from Mosul to Baghdad, leaving beheadings and refugee crises in its wake, and Russian tanks of unknown origin penetrate eastern Ukraine, our Secretary of State is in London talking about rape.  Now, no one is for rape and we'd all like to see it end, but is this really the most pressing subject matter of the day?  This is what should be pre-occupying our energies at this precise point in time?

It is as if this administration would not actually deal with the real problems of the world but would rather just yammer on about its time-tested campaign themes, constantly blowing the dog-whistle to its followers.

UPDATE:  OK, so truth be told, this development makes me happy.  The fact that John Kerry is on the sidelines, far away from anything important is a good thing.  But just means we have larger problems.


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