Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cantor's Loss Actually Puts the GOP In a Great Position to Immigration Reform Right

I tried to look inside the game-planning on the GOP's strategy a few months back.

It now looks like whatever strategy they were going to pursue is moot, the GOP voters of Virginia's 7th congressional district have set the strategy for them.  Immigration reform along the lines of what the Dems want seems to be dead for now, taking the pressure off the GOP to do something and strike a bad deal with the Dems.

If the GOP can hold the House and take the Senate, they can craft a reform proposal much more to their liking.  Of course, when they do that, the Lightworker will oppose it (maybe not vocally, but he will oppose it).  If they are smart the GOP can then go into the 2016 elections saying that they have a sensible proposal that Obama is thwarting.  This is the best of all possible scenarios, and the GOP couldn't have come up with this strategy on its best day.  Remarkably, the good sense of the voters in Virginia 7 have made this strategy a reality.

UPDATE:  Steven Hayward doesn't think optimism is the order of the day.


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