Monday, June 09, 2014

The Left Finally Has the Right-Wing Gun Nuts They've Been Dreaming Of

Congratulations to the MSM and the anti-Tea Party and anti-2nd Amendment crowd.

After trying for years to paint any and all shootings as right-wing nutjobbery in contravention of the facts - from Loughner to Holmes toLanza to Rodger, etc., all of whom were mentally disturbed leftists - and all Tea Partiers as trigger-happy loons, they finally have their right-wing gun nuts that they've been pining for all these years.

It looks like Mr. & Mrs. Jarad Miller of Las Vegas are indeed, bona fide right wing, Tea Partyin' gun nuts.

Yup.  With 250 million guns floating around America and Tea Partyism rampant in the land (or is it dead?  I can't get it straight) for over five years, lefties now have two people and one incident with which to bolster their claim that anti-government extremism is on the march and coming to a scene of mass slaughter near you.


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