Monday, June 09, 2014

Smart Power!

In my view this is just plain smart.

However, in the interests of bashing the Lightworker, I will use this to mock the idiotic notion of "smart power" emanating from his administration.
Tony Abbott is seeking a conservative alliance among "like-minded" countries, aiming to dismantle global moves to introduce carbon pricing, and undermine a push by US President Barack Obama to push the case for action through forums such as the G20. 
Visiting Ottawa for a full day of talks with the conservative Canadian Prime Minister and close friend Stephen Harper, Mr Abbott flagged intentions to build a new centre-right alliance led by Canada, Britain and Australia along with India and New Zealand.
Australia, Canada, Britain?  Hmm...just our three most important Anglophone allies (arguably our three most important allies, period).  Teaming up to directly oppose a key policy of the POTUS.

Smart power, indeed.


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