Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cantor Loses


1) Virginia GOP voters are anti-Semites, and

2) The TEA Party is dead

UPDATE:  The NYTimes actually goes with the anti-Semite theme.  I guess if victimology is all you know, that's how you see everything.

UPPDATE:  I caught Brat on Hannity last night (btw, haven't watched Hannity in ages, but the show has been given new life under the auspices of a new producer at Fox) and was so impressed that I got out of bed, went downstairs in my pajamas to the computer and gave his campaign $500.  Unfortunately that now means he is beholden to Wall Street interests!!

UPPPDATE:  And check out the guy's CV here.  Not that I am as enamored of academic credentials as the average bloke, but, still, this is impressive.  Although, there is a serious deficiency in his bio, no community organizing experience.  Whatever will we do without organized communities?  Oh wait, we've got that already...


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