Monday, June 23, 2014

New York ObamaCare-Compliant Premiums Going Up 25%?

File under "ObamaCare is working".

Remember how I've chronicled how health insurance costs for my small business in New York state has ballooned over the years even pre-ObamaCare?  Well, post ObamaCare is actually worse, and the hits just keep on coming.  I just got my Notice of Proposed Rate Change for 2015 for my OA EPO HSA Comp 5000 100 PY plan from Aetna.

25.3%.  Yup. After tripling from 2008 to now, I can expect another massive increase in healthcare insurance premiums.  Of course, I don't qualify for subsidies, so that is why ever-increasing amounts are being extracted from me.  Subsidy-qualifiers, I'm sure will not see even near that increase if they see any.

I have to run the numbers, but I am pretty sure I am going to self-insure in 2015.  I have to weigh the penalty versus being involved in this ridiculous wealth distribution scheme.

ASIDE:  Speaking of life at my small business, I am required, by the SEC, to archive my emails, so that every incoming and outgoing email is archived for a period of five years.  The cost for this service (actually, this service plus more in the bundle) is $100/month.  Now, obviously it wouldn't be $100/month for the IRS but given economies of scale, the per user rate for email archiving should be vanishingly small for an organization the size of the IRS if it weren't for legendary government procurement prowess and, ahem, other concerns.


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