Friday, June 27, 2014

Lefty Logical Disconnect of the Day

Hot on heels of the latest lefty crusade - college sexual assault, where the logic goes something like this: college, which we've been encouraging and subsidizing for decades, is actually a villainous hive of violent sexual predation - we have a new charming disconnect.

We all know that America is irredeemably racist.  Even the notion of a half-assedly policed southern border is obviously horribly racist toward Hispanics.  Yes, we are so racist that parents feel the need to send their children hundred of miles unaccompanied to this land of hatred.  And, to do so by dint and at the hands of cutthroat, mercenary, and violent traffickers of their self same race.

As AmmoGirl at Powerline notes, can't have it both ways:  America is racist or these Honduran or Guatemalan or whatnot parents are some damn shitty parents.


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