Friday, May 10, 2013

Ugh. John Kerry. Just Ugh.

As per the British Daily Mail, “Russian President Vladimir Putin kept Kerry waiting three hours before their meeting at the Kremlin on Tuesday and continuously fiddled with his pen as the top American diplomat spoke about the ongoing crisis in Syria.”

I’m told that when Kerry landed in Russia, he was told a) that his hotel rooms weren’t ready, and b) that a military parade made it impossible for the Americans to drive to the Kremlin anyway, so he’d just have to wait.  Add two hours (check-in delay at the hotel) to the Mail version.
Seriously, my first thought was "why didn't Kerry turn around and go home?"  Answer:  Because he is John Kerry.

It would have been a great opportunity.  The ensuing media attention would have raised the obvious question, "Why didn't you wait to meet with Putin?" to which Kerry could have replied, "Because Russia has a GDP the size of New Jersey, it's just not worth too much headache."  Alas, not to be, because, well, John Kerry, who is a doofus of legendary proportions.

UPDATE:  Ouch.  Ouch.  And Triple Ouch.  The title here is just so devastating.  And this no right-wing hit job website.  Did I say "Ouch"?


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