Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Explaining Ted Kennedy

The Pritzker family fortune is not of the same ilk as, say, the Steve Jobs fortune.  This expose by Rick Perlstein is a helpful reminder.  Here is just a hint, there's alot more.
Did you know that in the early 1970s, the Internal Revenue Service investigated the Pritzker family, whose scion Penny Pritzker has just been tapped by President Obama to become Secretary of Commerce, because their Hyatt Corporation was paying no taxes? And that in the course of the inquiry, an IRS statement quoted an informant with access to the records of the offshore bank where they hid their assets that the family, “through their Hyatt Corporation, received their initial backing from organized crime”?
 Take this history and many others of similar provenance, the Kennedy family fortune to just pick one, and you go a long way (but not all the way) to explaining the existence of "limousine liberals".  Liberal politics, a great motivator of which is a desire to be seen as righteously selfless and caring, is the age-old salve for a guilty conscience over ill-gotten gains.  Of course, they never do give back the money or direct it to the poor do they?  They just run for office and take your money to give to the poor. Because they care.


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