Friday, May 03, 2013

Mountain Dew Controversy Proves What I've Been Saying: Indra Nooyi Is Awful and Should Be Fired

I have commented previously (the read the whole, brilliant post) on what an utter buffoon Indra Nooyi is and that Pepsi's Board of Directors should have canned her years ago, but they are in a pickle because she's sort of a leftish saint, a woman of color.

Further evidence of her buffoonishness comes courtesy of the Mountain Dew ad mini-controversy.  Here is the background.  Forget about the putative racism here, the ad is utterly daft.  Moronic. Imbecilic.  If this is what sells soda to younger folk, I weep for both the future and the entire profession of marketing. But this is what you get when you drive the marketing talent away from the company.

Pepsi's Board needs to fire Nooyi.  They just need to to Dew It.


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