Wednesday, May 08, 2013

SREGS to Kick Out Facebook Founder?

Mark Zuckerburg is taking heat for supporting the Keystone XL Pipeline. Huh?  Aside from the fact that building the Keystone XL Pipeline is an entirely normal, rational, beneficial thing for this country to do for our economy (the opponents are actually few in number but great in influence), last I checked Mr. Zuckerburg was a business executive, and one in charge of a company whose customers require enormous amounts of cheap and pervasive electrical power in order to use his product (until, of course, they make the cell phone or tablet that runs on algae).  Furthermore, almost all of Mr. Zuckerburg's wealth rests on the health of this company.  So, why on Earth would anybody expect him to feel otherwise about the Keystone XL Pipeline?  Because they thought he was a member of the club.  What club?  SREGS.  Sophisticated and Righteous Elites In Good Standing.  And SREGS has an orthodoxy and thou shalt not buck the orthodoxy.  The penalty is, of course, expulsion from the club.  We'll see how much Mr. Zuckerburg wants to be in the club.  The pressure is on.


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