Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Bloomberg Media Bias of the Day

So Green Weenie politicians and bureaucrats set up these massive and complex "carbon exchanges" in an elaborate attempt to use market mechanisms (about which liberals generally know very little, and admire even less) to reduce carbon emissions in their ongoing quixotic fraudulent attempt to stop global warming climate change climate chaos or whatever. Then these exchanges fail in catastrophic fashion as they were destined to do. Liberal governments, who made big plans relying on these exchanges are now in a pickle.
 The cost of permits on London’s ICE Futures Europe exchange, fast becoming the benchmark price for Australia as the nation prepares for market-based trading in 2015, fell to a record 2.75 euros ($3.60) a metric ton last month. That’s about 12 percent of the $A29 ($29.50) Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s government was counting on, meaning tax cuts will be deferred and the budget will have to be revised before it’s delivered on May 14, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said today.
So, what is the takeaway? "Dumb Liberals Fail"?  "Green Weenies Crash and Burn"?

Nope.  "Polluters Win."

Yup. All those evil people who produce useless, soul-crushing products like electricity have us all over a barrel again. Woe is us.


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