Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mystery Revealed!!!

I know that I set the blogosphere aflutter the other day when I noted the impending international incident over the wines to be served at the state dinner honoring David Cameron. Well, it looks like the mystery has been solved.

So, did Obama snub Cameron? Wine geeks will no doubt argue amongst themselves but IMHWGO, the answer is "kinda, yeah."

A sparkling wine from Virginia? No offense to the Old Dominion - I spent four lovely years in the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia and have many friends there - but their wines suck. Leonetti? Fine, I guess. Iron Horse? Eh. With the exception of the Peter Michael chard, I could almost hear the ever-ravishing Mrs. Baseball asking me, as she does (and as we all do) "Honey, do we have any 'Tuesday night' wine in the house, so-and-so is coming over and I don't want to open any of your good wine?" Mrs. Baseball will be appalled to be mentioned in the same post as Michelle "Finally Proud of Her Country Now That She Is in the White House" Obama, but this wine list conjures up images of the FLOTUS saying exactly that.

Conclusion: they served Cameron the cheap stuff. Snub factor on the famous 100-pt. scale? 87 pts. Favored guests at the Hacienda de Baseball drink better than Cammie did.

P.S. There is some apparent diplomatic history to the Iron Horse bottling. So who is Reagan and who is Gorbachev (Evil Empire anyone?) in this scenario? Hmmm.


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