Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greatest Prediction Ever, Part 2

Hey, let's not forget that I made the greatest prediction EVAH!!! It's already come true and it continues to come true, although I can't believe Cameron has put his name to this dumb-ass policy. Shit, I'd not be surprised if the Lightworker empties the damn SPR.

UPDATE: Of course, China is, as we speak, filling it's Strategic Petroleum Reserve, so in essence all we are doing is helping the ChiComs prepare for that rainy day - the amount of oil in the marketplace for consumption will be relatively unaffected. We can't pipe oil in from friendly neighbors, whose only animus toward us is that they like to beat us in hockey, but we'll deplete our STRATEGIC reserves to help our adversary for global leadership build their's up?? Has there ever been an administration that has made more seriously dumb decisions on the BIG STUFF?

UPPDATE: I found another past gem of mine:
Let's face it, it's not the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It's Obama's Strategic Political Fortunes Revival Fund. Several billion dollars worth of US taxpayer property, ready to be used, essentially, for Obama's re-election campaign. Happy Monday!


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