Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Reasons 3,472 and 3,473 Why I Don't Read the NYT

After years of ceaselessly denigrating the war effort, demonizing, slandering and falsely accusing soldiers of war crimes, and generally poisoning all discussion of the Iraq War, the New York Times now wonders why we don't give our vets a parade.


UPDATE: Let's go ahead and double up this post since the Crimes is providing so much typical fodder today. Apparently the US Constitution has seen better days because folks around the world aren't jazzed by it. Of course, this is all based on "a study" by some college professors. Yes I know, you're bowled over.

Where to begin? First, it is irrelevant, the US Constitution really only matters to Americans, so who cares what foreigners think (actually the NYT cares, because foreigners are awesome and Americans not so much in NYT's worldview). Yes, it is nice to be a beacon and an exemplar, but that's just gravy, the Constitution is actually an operational mechanism (at least let's give that the benefit of the doubt) for us. We need the thing and it's gotta work, and we're too busy using it and trying to keep it operational to give a hoot what others think.

Of course, this leads us to the next obvious point, the US Constitution hasn't been this popular here at home in a long time, it's undergoing a renaissance of not just popularity, but concern and, no other way to describe it, love. Again, this is the reality that the NYT doesn't care about, and thus ignores in its coverage. In NYTimesWorld who cares that the multitudes have been devouring books from David McCullough to Mark Levin in an attempt to reacquaint with the US Constitution and the modest form of government it was meant to give us? Nope, forget the damn thing because raping, burning, rioting Egyptians aren't keen to emulate it now that they are in need of whipping up some form of governing document...

Any wonder why the NYT is bleeding red ink and headed for a crash landing?


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