Thursday, February 09, 2012


Wow. This was another of my 2012 predictions:

- 2012 Election is Close Until Sep-Oct When Obama Blows It ala McCain in 2008: Obama's political skills are awesome, but his political instincts are terrible. He will do quite egregious things to please his base (wow! as if on cue). He will run neck and neck with Romney/Ryan until he blows it with a policy gaffe that conspicuously reminds voters what an amateur and/or liberal fascist he is. The gaffe could even be a Clintonite engineered self-destruction conspiracy.
Forget about the details of timing and the Republican ticket in that statement and focus on the bolded words. Egregious things...reveal that he is a liberal fascist. Hmmm. Can we say "contraception mandate"? Could it be that I got it exactly macro right, if not exactly micro right?


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