Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Global Warming Is Dead, But We Still Need the Corpse

Readers please note that one of my predictions for 2012, made not a few weeks ago, was the official death of the global warming movement. The movement, I believe, is actually dead now, but when I said "official" I meant official. So, as in real life criminology, we need a corpse to declare a death. The most obvious corpse would be the UN's IPCC. Killing this fraudulent driving force behind the AGW movement will be tough, but we're not even into February and we've got a massive salvo right across the bow of the IPCC's credibility. We could have our body relatively soon.

UPDATE: Oh, by the way, I said this (in 2007 no less):
"The implications of this are that it is a near certainty that current consensus predictions of global warming and the damage it will cause will be proved wrong. The current forecasts of what temperatures and climate conditions will be 50 years hence may be too pessimistic or even too optimistic, but they are all but certain to be wrong."


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