Thursday, February 09, 2012

Greek Kabuki Dance

Greek leaders have done the precisely choreographed dance that knowledgeable observers have expected them to do - they feigned outrage to the point of making the deal look uncertain, and then, as if miraculously, forged a deal.

If one thing was not in doubt it was that Greece needed the money and needed it in the worst way. The second thing that was not in doubt is that the providers of that money were sick of Greek bullshit. So the Greeks weren't going to get that money unless they accepted the terms laid out by those providing the money, but they had to demonstrate sufficient outrage and angst for Greek public consumption prior to gladly taking the money, which they did.

UPDATE: And the Greeks are rioting over their right to be profligate, inefficient, and be paid more than they are worth. As I have said for over a year now, let Greece fail.


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