Thursday, September 29, 2011

Note to Bev Perdue & Friends, Actually Elections Are Your Best Escape Route

As the great battle of the Future of Government has raged, the Democrats have constantly and repeatedly told us, with unfailing message discipline, that even the most modest cuts to the federal government's budget would result in a litany of inhumanities - starving children, dying elderly, crumbling schools, falling bridges and everything right up to the destruction of the nation. Yet, it is now being revealed that the same crowd is stuffing the pockets of their donors, friends, family, and themselves to a grotesque degree. The nation's vaults have been opened to an array of Democratic Party cronies to extract multitudes of billions - billions, which we have been incessantly told are the difference between illiterate or educated children, the difference between granny enjoying her golden years or her early, painful death.

The vomit-inducing extent of the self-serving lies, hypocrisy and abuse of power is starting to emerge, and it is frightful. Crony after crony and donor after donor, coincidentally linked to politician after politician, is daily exposed with ungodly sums flowing into their insanely speculative ventures. This is why we've had to endure the sickeningly ponderous rally-cries such as "fierce moral urgency of change" and other banners dripping with phoniness. Not for any urgency or moral calling, but for a clique's designs on the Treasury.

Pollster Pat Caddell, through his polling work, has determined that America is in a "pre-revolutionary" mood. I should say so. Incompetent politicians run wasteful program after wasteful program, rack up trillions of dollars in debt and have the audacity to hector and lecture us about doing our fair share and giving back. All the while they are raiding the Treasury for themselves and their cronies. Then as one last anti-grace note in this string of abuses, they have temerity to suggest we give up our voting franchise so that they can escape accountability and sort things out. Pre-revolutionary indeed.

Actually - take note Bev Perdue & Co. - elections are the best thing you have going for you right now. With any luck you'll be voted out, allowed to return to society to live out your days peacefully, and then fade into obscurity. Suspend elections and, on current course, you'll probably be hunted down by mobs and strung up in the town square like the elitist pillagers of old. If I were you I'd take that safe retirement via the ballot box over doors one, two or three.


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