Friday, December 03, 2010

Belated Big Blue Game Ball...and a Sour Note

There are only a small number of bigger Giants fans than me, but let me be the first to utter these two words..."Dumb" and "Ass".

Which reminds me, I forgot to award the NBfPB game ball this weekend. It's tough, there were so many elements that came together to rescue this game against the Jags - Eli came through as he mostly does in the clutch, Mario Manningham filled in for Nicks like it was nothin', Jacobs was like the Jacobs of old before he became a bitter bear, the defense that came out of the locker room for the second half was simply thrilling to watch (that goes for big name guys like Tuck and Osi to lesser knowns like Terrell Thomas and Jason Pierre-Paul). Tough. Very tough. A good rule of thumb though is that when everything comes together, when it all clicks like it ought to, the guy with the ultimate accountability should get the game ball by default to Tom Coughlin.


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