Thursday, December 02, 2010

Anti-Oil Zealotry Still Wreaking Havoc in the Gulf

Despite the scientific consensus that a drilling ban is not justified, the Obama administration still insists on a de facto moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Here is just the latest tidbit in the ongoing disruption to the oil industry in the GOM that is resulting in lost jobs, lost taxes, higher energy prices and, ultimately, lost leadership in perhaps the most technologically advanced industry in the world.

UPDATE: Here is the head of the Institute for Energy Research, "It is now abundantly clear that the Administration and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will stop at nothing - lost jobs, tax revenue or a threat to national security - to enforce their vendetta against domestic energy production. Despite promises made to Senator Landrieu and the thousands whose livelihood depends on energy development, they continue to pursue an "all or nothing" approach to alternative energy that will do nothing more than weaken our economy, increase our dependence on foreign oil and eliminate thousands of well paying, secure American jobs."

That's about right. As for heating our homes and powering our lives, we'll need that energy and since we won't be producing enough of it here, we'll be importing it (do you really think we will live with less and "power down"?). How do you import energy? Tankers and pipelines, dear reader. Tankers and pipelines.


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