Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hoping I Have Plenty To Drink To...

Tonight I will be drunkblogging the election returns without the blogging part...

Here's what I'm looking at. While there are so many important races, I've boiled it down to a few key ones. The first, here on the east coast, is the Barney Frank v. Sean Bielat race and Allen West's race in FL. If Barney goes down, it looks like the party could get ragin' early and may well get out of hand. (A Barney loss and an Allen West win and I'll be passed out on the floor by 10:30.) If Barney holds on, it could still be a great night, but we'll have to turn our focus to the midwest, where the defeat of Phil Hare in IL and Jim Oberstar in MN could re-energize the flow of adult beverages. The grand finale, though, is obviously the West where I'll be watching rocket scientist Ruth McClung's race against La Raza scumbag Raul Grijalva, Dino Rossi v. Patti Murray, and, of course, Joy Behar's Bane Sharron Angle's ultimate underdog bid in Nevada where she's got to win and exceed the margin of fraud.

Just as the Iraqis sported their purple fingers to signal how they relished their democratic franchise, I will be sporting a purple body part - my tongue, since I have selected a few bold, inky, young Cabernets to enjoy - to relish the spectacle of American democracy at work. My hope is that this exercise will result in a few edifying outcomes: 1) that we can and will rebuke those who disrespect, disdain, and ignore the constitutionality of our republic, 2) that we can indeed recognize and choose the most honorable and upstanding among us to be our representatives, and finally, 3) that the profoundly creepy creepy creepy cult of personality that has grown up, so implausibly, around a shockingly unqualified, inconsequential, and amateurish man will largely be behind us. I'll definitely drink to all that!

UPDATE: Barney holds on, looks good for Allen West and bad for Phil Hare. Going OK.

UPPDATE: Amazing factoid, which stuns me...300,000 people in South Carolina actually voted for Alvin Greene.

UPPPDATE: Members of what I would call the "Jackass Caucus" who've gone down in flames - Grayson, Etheridge, Hare, Baron Hill, Kanjorski, Pomeroy, Shea-Porter, (and I include Charlie Crist as an honorary member of the JAC)...maybe more

UPPPPDATE: "Obama's favorite Republican" Joe Cao looks like he's going down...

UPPPPPDATE: California is bloody hopeless, so also is Connecticut, but not as hopeless as California, which is truly hopeless...Jerry F**king Brown, are you kidding me!!!!!! This is so true...

UPPPPPPDATE: Wow, a five seat gain for the GOP in my home (but not native) state of New York...crazy.


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