Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nobody Washes a Rented Political Party

Via Powerline, I see that the estimable Peter Wehner agrees with me, that Dear Leader is going to have big problems within his own party. Let's remember, Barack Obama doesn't own the Democratic Party, he's only renting it. With neither broad or deep connections as he was catapulted to prominence, he was forced to borrow the loyalties of those whose ultimate allegiance lies elsewhere. Those allegiances will revert as the Obama experiment craters. Just as nobody washes a rented car, Obama didn't wash his rented party, he just enjoyed the joyride. The owners are about to take back their car, wash it and move on.

UPDATE: ...and more stories like this won't help. The guy just doesn't have a clue and/or his megalomania is out of control. Let's review...after just getting severely rebuked at the polls, in large measure due to citizens' concerns over government profligacy, you take a wildly, out-of-all-proportions expensive trip that is not a critical meeting over some pressing global issue but merely a goodwill tour...??
Like I said folks, still waiting for the evidence...


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