Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama Stumps for the Trade Show Biz

This is so clueless it's...I don't even have words. Obama's strategy for increasing exports places no urgency on trade agreements, but seems to entail "outreach" and getting more people to attend trade shows. Simply awful. You see, it's not that people don't have the proper incentives to import and export, it's that they're not going to enough trade shows! Where did they get this garbage, from Zapatero? Why do liberals think that economic activity requires the government to get buyers and sellers together because without government, well, they just wouldn't find each other dammit?!?!

Ironically Obama and the Pelosicrats already have a quite effective export promotion policy in place. It's called, "trashing the US dollar." Putting the nation in severe fiscal peril and printing money erodes confidence in the dollar, which drives it down and makes our exports more attractive. But what it also does is keeps investment capital from flowing into the US as investors fear their investments denominated in dollars will not hold value. That lack of investment flow restrains job creation. I call it "progressive mercantilism." Some existing exporters do OK but most of the rest of the economy languishes.


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