Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On O'Donnell

A) She hasn't lost to Coons yet so don't write her off (remember a little contest called S. Brown v. M. Coakley?)

B) IMHO, the signal this sends is more valuable than the actual Senate seat. With Dear Leader in the White House, the only worthwhile Senate tally is "veto-proof majority" which we ain't gettin'. All we need is gains in the upper chamber, we don't have to win every last seat. O'Donnell's win gives DeMint more mojo, will have RINOs running scared, and has everybody in DC of any party quaking in fear over the Tea Party. "Holy shit, the regular folk are storming the castle," they must be saying. This is good, compadres mios, all good.

Make gains. Draft the right sort. Block. Tackle. War Game for 2012. OD is no barrier to that gameplan.

UPDATE: F@@k the NRSC. The reason we hold primaries is to see what qualities and what positions the party faithful choose to take into competition with the Dems. Primaries are not for the rubes to rubber stamp what the NRSC gives them. I'm not saying that they need to drop big dough in Delaware, but they need to say, " she is on our side, she is with us" and provide some help. I suspect alot of money that would have gone to the NRSC will go to outfits like Jim DeMint's PAC.
UPPDATE: NRSC does the backpedal of backpedals. Good for them, although I doubt that they saw how dumb they were being. I bet folks lit up their phone lines and said, I'm writing my check to DeMint's PAC instead. Now will Mike Castle belatedly acquire some decency?
UPPPDATE: Check this out. She's feisty. And looks like she's gonna have some money to spend. Alot more women turn out in the general than in the primary, she could have alot of success with independent and even Democrat women. Can we bury this monumental ass-hattery of deeming average people "not a viable candidate." Any sensible, civic-minded person is a viable candidate. We can't do much worse than our political class in general.


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