Thursday, September 16, 2010

Checking In With Bloomberg's Broken Clock Hopeful

You know what they say about a broken clock. Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg is one of those rare commentators who doesn't even manage to beat the broken clock's performance. Today she belches forth one of the classicly clueless ironies in "Tea Party's Triumph Makes Competence Quaint." She marvels, and recoils, at the idea of average citizens actually running for and holding office, but of course the elephant in the room, on the screen and hovering over history itself is that the sine qua non of unqualified, inconsequential mediocrities to rise to high public office is...Barack Obama. Yes, the Mother All Mismatches Between Ability and Duty is the liberal media's holy of holies, the Lightworker Himself. But no, Carlson must lament for the health of the republic when the non-establishment candidate comes within a reasonable distance of being one out of a hundred in the US Senate. Who does she think exudes this treasured competence? Chris Dodd? Roland Burris? Maxine Waters? Bob Menendez? John Edwards? Who are these paragons of ability and probity who represent the best and only option for us to govern the nation?

Anyway, on top of missing the obvious point that resides right in front of her face, Carlson isn't even original with this misfire. Fellow lefty Michael Wolff beat her to it by several weeks.


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