Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Q3 GDP was 4.3%

Well, well, well. The numbers are out and all I can think of is that life is good here in Hooverville.

These numbers make me want to publicly call upon Michael Steinhardt to explain how such a GDP number is possible with the inept doofuses on the Bush economic team presiding over the store. How is it, Mr. Steinhardt, that the US economy with such bad stewardship could perform so indisputably well in a three month period where interest rates were rising, oil prices soared, a hurricane destroyed a major US city? (What do you mean? No, I never considered the fact that a guy with half a billion $ might not read my blog or give two shiite muslims.)

Even the New York Times has been forced to admit the economy is good, although Don Luskin reveals the sad contortions that the NYT will put itself into to qualify that position. Ah yes, it is not a guaranteed, surething, slamdunk, lock that we will blow out these blow out numbers next year, so we should be worried! That is almost as much of a namby-pamby, pantywaist, milquetoast attitude as the fact that we have too much choice.


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