Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Real Mr. Danger and his Useful American Idiots

Bloomberg has a story on the execrable shenanigans of murderous, election-stealing, socialist dictator Hugo Chavez. However, be forewarned, there are so many bloodboiling elements to this story from petty inanities to deep outrages.

Where to begin? First, we have our Great Sausage Factory aggessively tackling a non-problem, which I've addressed here. High oil prices have NOT had a significant negative impact on the economy and there is NO evidence that swaths of society are struggling economically in this environment.

Second, the GSF's solutions to this non-problem are thoroughly discredited, economically disastrous collectivist proposals. Two high-ranking Sausage Factory workers, Grassley and Dorgan, have proferred, in various guises, the awful anti-capitalist idea of windfall profit taxes.

Third, even if addressing poverty through handouts (another awful idea) is your bag, the "poor" in the US are not the right poor people to be helping. By global standards we don't have poverty in the US. Our poor have TVs, microwave ovens, often have cars and own their own homes. In places like South America, they have ponderous, crushing poverty. This is has nothing to do with helping poor people.

Furthering the bloodboiling is Chavez's malicious and brazen ploy to undermine the current government and social stability in the USA using tactics that on a grander scale would qualify as economic warfare.

Finally, the ultimate outrage is that prominent and powerful citizens like Ed Markey and Joseph Kennedy II are wilfully complicit in this dangerous stunt whether it be through their own ignorance or cynicism. Liberals love to wax perplexed on how a figure like Joseph McCarthy ever got traction in the minds of Americans. Well, when they attempt to import the socialist policies of a highly unfriendly state (nay, an avowed enemy really) in order to undermine the current government, they plant the seeds of McCarthyism.

This is very dangerous ground. Not Chavez's bluster or puny oil spillings, but his discovery and exploitation of today's useful idiots.


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