Monday, August 14, 2017

How You Get More Trump

This is pure no way to be construed as a pro-Confederate argument...but the political left has destroyed it's standing with several broad swaths of American society:
1)  Males, particularly, white males
2)  Married women
3)  The American South
There are zero Democrat Senators from the South and the Republicans own the South politically nearly lock, stock, and barrel.  

This isn't going to help, or this.  Perhaps the principled stand that lefties think they are making is worth any tactical electoral setback, but maybe not.  Tactical mistakes are, arguably, what delivered the Oval Office to the weirdest major candidate ever at the expense of the most inevitable candidate ever.

Something to think about.  Maybe.  Ok, if you're a lefty...not.

Radical suggestion:  Stop obsessing about the damn monuments.  Leave them alone.  How about that as a strategy???


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