Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Once Again...Early But Never Wrong...Venezuela Version

Well, I've been early on this call for awhile but it seems that Venezuela is finally, not just circling, but going down the drain.  I view Mary O'Grady at the WSJ as a suitable authority, and she says civil war is either here as we speak or inevitable now.  There's not much more to say at this point, except to take ongoing digs at all the useful idiots like Danny Glover and Sean Penn and Robert Kennedy Jr. who touted Chavismo with patently asinine assertions such as 'Venezuela has great healthcare.'  That and to watch the bodies pile up.  Such a tragedy.  Anybody with a cursory understanding the history of the 20th century could have seen this coming.  Worth reprising my view...

Where Venezuela is now is where ALL SOCIALISM ends.  Always.  Full stop.

And, frankly, the Venezuelans deserve their fate. They bought the bill of goods that Chavez and his criminal gang were selling for years.  Enthusiastically too.  They fell pathetically into a trance under the transparently cynical cult of personality that Chavez built around himself.  And they had the misery of nearby Cuba as well as the recent examples of the USSR and Argentina to learn from.  But learn they did not.  They were dupes of a world-historical magnitude...some of the greatest suckers ever to walk the planet.

P.S. Here is my next prediction, which may take years to prove true - the Obama administration clandestinely propped up the Chavez/Maduro regime


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