Monday, November 09, 2015

Bloomberg In Classicly Egregious, Awful Reporting

As a New Jersey native, my eyebrows were raised reading this opening paragraph about Atlantic City's pensions for lifeguards...
Joseph D. Rush, Jr. joined the beach patrol in Atlantic City when qualifying tests were conducted in stormy weather at sea to judge an applicant’s mettle, local Republican leaders signed off on each hire and lifeguards attended movies free by flashing their badge. He retired in 2000 with an annual lifeguard’s pension of $30,000.
Lifeguard pension?

An article about pension profligacy wrecking a once-thriving city that tags Republicans with the blame?  Classic media bullshit and a classic Bloomberg swipe.  First off, there are virtually no big city governments run by Republicans in America.  Second, with near unbroken uniformity, American cities whose finances have been brought low by pension profligacy are run, and have been run for decades, by Democrats.  And, as any New Jerseyan can tell you, "AC" is as blue a town as it gets.  Atlantic City is just another Democrat strong-hold that overspent itself into oblivion mostly via the pension disease.

For the most part, you simply can't say "Republican" and "pensions" in the same sentence when talking about America's pension crisis, and be honest; but there it is, in the first paragraph of this Bloomberg News article.

Oh, here's the teensy tiny fig-leaf of honesty that Bloomberg throws in order to coat this swipe in journalistic integrity, thin as it is (from several paragraphs down):
The pension plan is the product of a 1928 state law sponsored by an Atlantic City Republican legislator named Emerson Richards, who lived in a palatial apartment near the lifeguard headquarters and threw parties, such as an annual Easter eggnog celebration, attended by political wheelers and dealers.
1928.  Of course, Republicans are to blame (notice the mention of Chris Christie way above this little tidbit?).  Democrats are laying waste to urban America with their pension benefit vote-buying scam and this is the type of reporting that Bloomberg News comes up with...Republicans and 1928.  Disgraceful.


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