Monday, August 11, 2014

W.R. Mead Still Thinks Obama Is a Serious Guy, Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

Once again it is time to point out that world affairs scholar Walter Russell Mead can write something like this...
The fact that President Obama thought that the day of an Iraqi coup was a good time to hang on the Vineyard and get on the links is bad news. Either the President blew off warnings from his advisors, or the intel community got blindsided again. Both possibilities reflect badly on the management of the nation’s affairs.
The unraveling of Iraq under the grimmest of circumstances is a major policy challenge for this president and for the United States as a whole. There’s nothing wrong with a president wanting some down time with the kids, but President Obama needs to be and be seen to be taking control of events. Going on vacation as the tanks roll in Baghdad and as Americans fly back into combat over Iraq is not where a leader needs to be.
As I've said many times before, Mead is a super-smart guy, a great writer, and his blog is a must read; but, there is at the heart of most everything he writes about the Lightworker a serious flaw - he thinks Obama is a serious guy attempting to undertake serious work.  He's not.  Which is why WRM has been doing a lot of head-scratching and writing a lot of WTF stories in re the Obama foreign policy.


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