Friday, August 08, 2014

Teacher Union Head Goon Spills Bile Over Common Core

This is infuriating.  Being from these here parts where (NYC) we know all about Mr. Mulgrew.  He's an out-and-out thug.  But let's revert to some first principles to put the debate in its proper perspective.

Teachers (and all the associated bureaucrats) WORK FOR US (parents).  We (parents) employ you.  Through the agency of municipal government, we hire you to do a job.  The agency arrangement makes it difficult and inefficient to make changes, but if we want changes, changes we will make.  It is not yours to tell us what and how to teach our children.  We may ask your opinion, but it is OUR job to see that our children are taught what and how we want them to be taught.  If you don't like that job or our demands, you should enter another line of work.

Like many realms of society today (surveillance for example), people like Mulgrew think we are here to serve him, to answer to him.  He has it backward.  They work for us.  There may be a debate, but when the boss says, do this, you do it as a condition of employment.  Such shrillness tells you what they think of the people who pay their salaries.

And, it also tells you all you need to know about Common Core that the union goon have to threaten violence and get all thuggish to protect it.  Clearly it is a boondoggle for the rank and file (less work) or it fits with their ideological goals (anti-capitalist, anti-American).


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