Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Government Agency Abdicates Duty to Stand With Thuggish Union Goons

Wow.  How's this for a story.
USDA is refusing to conduct grain inspections at a major export facility, effectively shutting down most exports.
The USDA is refusing to send its own grain inspectors into a major grain terminal in Vancouver, Wash., further hindering grain movement during harvest season.
Last month, state grain inspectors from the Washington State Department of Agriculture stopped entering the United Grain facility, fearing the longshoremen who are picketing at the site.
They had previously been escorted into the facility by state troopers, but Washington Gov. Jay Inslee withdrew that protection in early July.
Grain exports must be inspected according to federal law, so the decision effectively shut down shipments from that terminal.
Really?  Grain exports help our economy and feed the world's poor.  Why would any government agency let intimidation tactics hinder an activity that helps our economy and feeds the world's poor?

Fearing for their safety?  Isn't government's basic job... public safety?  Hmmmm.  I think somebody is carrying water for aggrieved union goons.

Not good.  I'd - I don't know - punch back twice as hard.  If I were the company, I'd offer to hire former Israeli commandos to escort inspectors in.


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