Monday, July 15, 2013

"Wannabe Cop"? Fine. What About "Wannabe Gangster"?

The Zimmerman case will generate alot of ink and be looked at every which way to Sunday. One way it WON'T be looked at is with an analytical eye to Trayvon Martin's behavior. We constantly here in the media and by those outraged at the verdict, that Zimmerman was a "wannabe cop" and that he should have listened to the police's admonition to stop trailing Trayvon Martin.


But what of Trayvon Martin's choices?  If he was this cherubic child determined only to watch the NBA All-Star while enjoying some Skittles and an iced tea, why was he not determined to get home with all possible dispatch?  If a creepy person is following you, you get your ass home any way you can.  Or you get to any safe place, i.e. the nearest house, if you can't safely make it home. Or you call police. This is not what Trayvon Martin did. I understand a black youth's reluctance to call police, but I don't understand the reluctance to run home. Waiting around to jump Zimmerman was every bit as much a bad choice as Zimmerman's choices.

And what motivations or characteristics is behind those choices? Well, we've heard ad infinitum what was behind Zimmerman's actions, he's a "wannabe cop". No such analysis of Trayvon Martin's actions has been proferred. Why did he sneak up on Zimmerman and assault him? Why did he pursue a very violent physical attack on Zimmerman, presumably before he knew Zimmerman was armed? If wannabe-copism is on trial in the court of public opinion, why isn't the thuggishness of many of our black youth on trial too?


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