Friday, July 12, 2013

Funniest Joke In All of History - This Day 07/12/13 A.D.

I am a 42 year old man.  I have a wife and three children.  I have my own business dealing with large sums of money.  I am highly educated.  I have travelled the world and seen great beauty and great tragedy.  I have deeply pondered the universe, the existence of God, life's meaning, and the nature of man.  I think of myself as a serious person, a pillar for those around me who rely on me, an island for loved ones, friends or, perhaps, any one of God's creatures who might be lost but nonetheless find themselves in my path.

But for the last 37 minutes I have been on the floor in the fetal position, crying, unable to breath or speak or straighten.  I was useless.  I was reduced to mere matter, just a clump of cells, drained of all that makes us human - reason, compassion, self-control - except the ability to laugh...

For I had just seen the funniest thing a person could ever see.  Now I understand the ancient notion of a joke so funny, you laugh until you die, that it was better to not hear it.  My sides will hurt for decades...


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